Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is coming to the Front Range!

I'm looking out our library window right now at the scene you see here.  We had a wonderful soaking rain yesterday and it has left our most significant landmark with a spectacular mantle of snow.  There hasn't been snow on our side of the peak since early summer, May probably.  The North facing slopes have snow year round and the rest of the mountain CAN get snow any month of the year but not this year.
You'll notice that the snow doesn't come down very far.  We get snow here in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs but not a lot.  For instance, I rarely shovel my parking lot more than once or twice a winter.  Dusting occur regularly but it often warms up during the day enough to melt the snow and dry the pavement.  That's what I like about winter in this beautiful part of our beautiful state - winter but not a lot of it.
But I digress, this is about FALL.  Temps have fallen a bit with day time highs in the low 70's and nights in the mid 40's, with the cooler temps there's an increased chance of afternoon rains (a blessing to be sure).  The mornings are usually bright and sunny (like the photo above) with clear blue skies stretching along the front range.  The cooler temps bring the change in tree color as well.  The Aspens turn a bright golden yellow and are augmented by maroon bushes and shrubs (Burning Bush is one of them) and, of course the deep green of the evergreen Fir and Pine.  We're probably a couple weeks away from the color peak but there are already some fine areas to drive, bike or hike through.

Fall is my favorite season, great daytime temps (whether your working or playing) and sleeping comfort like you can't believe.  We can leave the furnace fans off and heat and cool the house simply by opening or closing a few windows.  All of the area attractions are still open but the crowds are mostly gone as are the families with kids.

Come and see for yourself what a truly special place this is.

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