Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Green Mountain Falls-Modern Day Mayberry

Certainly it can never be said that the Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak/Ute Pass area is lacking in opportunities for events, activities, dining and shopping. However, shouldn't your Pikes Peak Colorado vacation getaway include some time for peaceful reflection and relaxation?
After a restful nights' sleep and hearty breakfast at one of the Pikes Peak Area Bed and Breakfasts (, wouldn't it be nice to spread a blanket out beside a lake on the cool green grass and just watch the world go by? Maybe enjoy a picnic lunch by the lake, share a bottle of Colorado wine, be lulled to sleep by the sound of the wind rustling through the pines. Traveling with children? No problem - let them explore, try their hand at fishing or skip stones in the stream while you relax with a book.
All of this and more can be found in the quaint town of Green Mountain Falls. Established in the late 1880's, the town was initially populated by individuals seeking the health benefits of the dry mountain air as well as those on holiday excursions to the Rocky Mountains. By July, 1888 it was estimated that 500 people were living in tents at the new town site. The 2010 census indicated that 640 people make Green Mountain Falls their year-round residence.
Somehow, through the years, this beautiful mountain village has managed to retain the charm of years-gone-by. Perhaps it is still best described by Reverend Graham Frank who wrote the following in 1889:

Here the children dwell in safety,
As they play beside the streams;
And their elders all are happy,
With their ease and rest and dreams,
And the mountains hold this village
In their tenderest embrace,
While trees and streams and sun and moon,
Lend their beauty to this place.

Many of the historic public buildings and cabins still dot the landscape. The site of the Midland Railroad Depot is marked at the side of the lake near the restored Land Office building. The Church in the Wildwood, built by transplants from Kansas, held its first service in 1889 and continues to be a favorite place of worship for both year-round and summer residents.

Has the fresh mountain air made you hungry? Green Mountain Falls offers several dining options from hearty, huge portioned down-home cooking to five-course wine pairing dinners.

Spring through fall offers many events.  July heralds the Thin Air Nationals Car Show, the Green Box Arts Festival as well as Bronc Days, a local event featuring a parade, rubber duckie races down the stream and remote control boat races on the lake. Evening concerts around the gazebo are scheduled throughout the summer.
As fall gives way to winter, grab a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and watch ice skaters and hockey players frolic on the frozen lake before enjoying dinner and returning to your cozy bed and breakfast suite.
Green Mountain Falls is located 11 miles west of Colorado Springs, just off of US Highway 24. A visit to Green Mountain can easily be combined with a drive up Pikes Peak Highway, Mueller State Park, the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center or the Florissant Fossil Beds.
Be sure to include this Gem of the Rockies in your Pikes Peak Colorado vacation itinerary. After all, couldn't we all use a little more "Mayberry" in our busy lives?

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